I’m a multimedia reporter focused on business.

Business Reporting

As an insurance reporter for Bloomberg News, I cover the property-casualty and life coverage industry for the terminal and web audiences. The focus is on quickly and accurately writing stories for people who make investment decisions based on what they read. Some of my best work for Bloomberg includes:

I spent a summer reporting a mix of daily and feature business news stories at the Kansas City Business Journal. I recapped what I learned there in an end-of-summer blog post titled “How not to stink as a Kansas City Business Journal intern”.made in KC The highlight of my summer was working on a series of text and video stories about businesses making products in Kansas City.

You can read and watch the Made in KC series here.

Media Reporting

I report and produce video stories about newsroom innovation for the Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Futures Lab Update. I speak with newsroom managers and media thought leaders about innovation at the intersection of journalism and technology. Sometimes I even appear on camera. You’ll see me here at 0:33.

Here’s of a story I reported about how newsroom design affects the journalistic output of an organization:

Another Multimedia Example

I participated in the Student Newsroom at the Online News Association’s 2013 Conference. I talked to the baristas giving away the free coffee about making the perfect cup.

Community Engagement

Google Map and Form

I worked for the Columbia Missourian‘s Community Outreach Team, a group that looks for innovative ways to better connect readers to the news gathering process. My job is to ask, “who is this journalism for?”

Examples of what this looks like:


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