Capturing a Missouri spring with an iPhone

I’m a big fan of spring for many reasons. The most important is that I hate being cold. Feeling cold and being happy are mutually exclusive to me. The time I spend outside when it is cold is filled with me internally repeating obscenities. Spring in Missouri can be tricky. There will be 80 degrees days followed by forecasts of snow.

Every year during mid-April I get my hopes up that it will be warm and stay warm. This was, of course, not the case this year either. But in mid-April I got the idea to document the change spring brought to Mizzou. I was particularly struck by a view on campus that included a the Quad, the columns and some greenery on campus. There was a red dot spray painted on the sidewalk where one can stand to get this view. So (almost) every time I walked past this spot, I stopped to snap a quick shot. Some days were sunny and beautiful. Others were cold and damp. But now, on May 11, spring had finally come to Columbia, Mo. At least, I hope so.

Here’s what my iPhone captured in the past month as Missouri creeped into spring.