Seven reasons you should apply for a Barkley Mentorship

Barkley’s mantra is proudly displayed on the wall as a reminder of the agency’s big picture goal.

For the past two summers I’ve had the opportunity to intern at Barkley. Working with the PR team, I got to pitch media, improve my writing and contribute to brainstorms and planning, but more on that later.

Barkley offers positions in 10 different facets of the agency. You’ll get experience working on real client work with Barkley partners. If this summer goes like the past few, you’ll also work on a project with other interns. And, yes, it’s a paid job.

Want to apply? You can find all the info on Barkley’s site.

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Hire me! Highlighting international experiences on your resume

Typing Resume

How you present international experience to a potential employer can make all the difference in showing versatility, adaptability and cultural skills

It might just be me, but it seems like real world realizations have started hitting everybody this week. It’s October already. Where has the semester gone? Holy crap, it’s time to start seriously thinking about jobs, internships or grad school. 

So as you freshen up your resume and polish your applications, here are a few things to consider when talking about your international experience.

1. Give them context. Not all international programs are the same. If you studied at a university, highlight that under your education. If you did an internship, frame it like other internships on your resume. Briefly and clearly explain what you did and the skills that you gained.

2. Don’t just tell them, show them. Many journalism or strategic communications internships require you to submit clips. Including a clip of something you did while abroad will not only give your potential employer a more robust understanding of what you did, but showcases a different set of skills, whether technical, cultural or linguistic.

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