¿Te atreves a soñar? (Do you dare to dream?)

Warning: I’m about to share a 7-minute video with you. Yes, it’s long. But yes, I also think it’s worth it.

Spanish speakers, watch this:

English speakers, watch this:

I came across this video a few weeks ago via a tweet from a friend who I met while studying in Pamplona. I’m normally not a huge fan of self-help, motivational books, videos or speeches. Chicken Soup for the Soul? Hate it. Inspirational quotes at the end of email signatures? No thank you. It’s even a little hard for me to get into TED Talks.

But I saved the link to this video. Continue reading


MAP: National Park To-Visit List

Whenever I visit a site run by the National Park Service, I get a stamp in my National Parks Passport.

Whenever I visit a site run by the National Park Service, I get a stamp in my passport

My family loves to travel to National Parks. We love it so much we bought a  National Park Passport. It’s a program designed by the National Park Service to track all the parks you visit. At each of the visitors centers in the parks, there are stamps with the date and location that you can add to the passport. There’s something super gratifying about stamping the passport at each location.

I recently flipped through the book and realized how many of the National Parks I had visited. So far, I’ve been to 24 out of 59. It was then I decided to make it my life goal to visit all 59. Numbers-wise, I’m on track to easily visit all of them. As I studied the list of the places I have left to visit, I realized it won’t be easily accomplished. On my list of places left to visit include far-flung areas of Alaska, Death Valley and American Samoa. And, of course, none are close to Missouri. Continue reading