Laura Davison


Laura Davison

I’m a multi-platform reporter and multimedia producer interested in the future of news.

I work for a program about newsroom innovation called RJI Futures Lab. As a reporter for the program, I have the opportunity to talk to some of the most innovative media minds. It’s a pretty great job.

I’m a masters student at the Missouri School of Journalism. I received a Bachelors of Journalism in Convergence Journalism also from the University of Missouri. I’m constantly learning new things. But not all my learning can take place inside the classroom. This blog is a forum to share interesting things I come across in daily life.

A short list of my interests includes:

  • The future of journalism: revenue models, how newsrooms are being reorganized and new platforms
  • Kansas City (my hometown) and Columbia, Mo. (my college town)
  • The Spanish-speaking world (I also was a Spanish major in undergrad)
  • America’s National Parks

In the spring of 2012, I spent six months in Pamplona, Spain studying at the University of Navarra. I’ve written a series of posts with advice, tips and insider knowledge for students looking to study at the University of Navarra called the Pamplona Guide.

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or you can reach me by email: lauradavison@mizzou.edu.



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