Seven reasons you should apply for a Barkley Mentorship

Barkley’s mantra is proudly displayed on the wall as a reminder of the agency’s big picture goal.

For the past two summers I’ve had the opportunity to intern at Barkley. Working with the PR team, I got to pitch media, improve my writing and contribute to brainstorms and planning, but more on that later.

Barkley offers positions in 10 different facets of the agency. You’ll get experience working on real client work with Barkley partners. If this summer goes like the past few, you’ll also work on a project with other interns. And, yes, it’s a paid job.

Want to apply? You can find all the info on Barkley’s site.

There are a lot of reasons you should apply for a Barkley mentorship. These are my seven favorites.

Yup, that's a rocket on the roof.

Yup, that’s a rocket on the roof.

Working with mentors: They’ve accurately titled these positions mentorships rather than internships because interns are assigned a mentor in their department who is there to oversee and guide. They schedule a standing meeting each week to talk with you about your progress and give you a forum to ask questions.

Interaction with clients: One of the coolest experiences I had as an intern was traveling to Blue Bunny’s headquarters with my fellow interns and presenting a campaign we created over the course of the summer to increase brand awareness on college campuses. No guarantee that this same opportunity will be offered this year, but each summer Barkley designs a summer-long project for the interns to present at the end.

Delicious clients:

krispy kreme

With Krispy Kreme doughnuts on Fridays and a bunker of Blue Bunny ice cream on the fourth floor, you’ll never go without a sweet treat when you need one.












Doing real work that matters: This isn’t an internship for slackers. They’ll keep you busy, but you do work that is meaningful. My mentors consciously gave me a variety of clients and projects to work on and frequently checked in to ask if there were other experiences I wanted to have. At the end of the summer, I felt like I had a substantial impact on the projects I worked on and was able to walk away with a variety of clips and relevant experiences.

The other interns: If you like hanging out with social, creative and fun people, you’ll find that in the other interns. As a group, we went on a campout, explored the city and hung out after work. Barkley hires from both inside and outside Kansas City, so even if you aren’t from the area, you’ll have a group of friends to go with you to see what Kansas City has to offer.

Brainstorms: My fellow interns would agree the most fun and inspirational part of the job was participating in brainstorms. Whether it was coming up with ideas for a new business presentation or planning for an existing client, brainstorms provided a great break from routine and an opportunity to sit in a room with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met and bounce ideas off one another.

This roof: Need I say more?

barkley rooftop

Wifi, fresh air, plants and a great view of Kansas City. No better workspace exists.


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