Learning to laugh at mistakes

I’ve learned a couple things from blogging:

1. I get a lot of traffic from people searching for mentorships at Barkley (an advertising agency in Kansas City), possibly because this blog is the second thing that comes up in a Google search. You can find specific information about this year’s application process on Barkley’s site. I’m also willing to answer questions you might have for a former Barkley intern. I worked there the past two summers, learned a ton and had a fantastic experience.

2. Blogging is a great way, especially for journalists, to explain why you did something. It’s also a good way to justify the silly things I have previously created. This is one of those blog posts.

Here is a video I created as a part of the application for an internship at Barkley:

I made this video when I was studying in Pamplona. The prompt was to create a video, any video, explaining why I should be hired for a summer internship.

The idea for this video stemmed from a cheesy radio advertisement for what was either an Italian restaurant or a jewelry store. The premise of the commercial was an overly dramatic voice speaking Italian and then an English “translation” saying something that was clearly not what the original line said.

Using my friends who spoke a whole host of languages, I created this video where they said terrible things about me in their native languages and I subtitled it  with positive statements. This video probably isn’t funny unless you have all of this explanation. When I made it, my mom mentioned the humor was a little hard to find, but I continued forward with the idea.

I recently just watched this video again. While it makes me cringe to think that less than a year ago I thought this was a good idea, I’m also glad I have it for the memories.  It also reminded me of a few more things:

1. When your abroad, you will make stupid mistakes. It’s OK. Laugh at yourself. It’ll be a joke in a few weeks.

2.  It’s definitely a good idea to listen to your editor…and your mom.


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