Ideal presents for my ideal friends

10,000 words published a list of the top 30 gifts for journalists this holiday season. Most of my friends are journalism majors, and so these are the gifts I would give them if I had unlimited resources.

Shaina: Citation Needed Sticker
So you can ask “How do you know that?” in a sticker form and get the education beat in line and libel-free. If you have extra’s feel free to send them to a certain small-town Illinois opinion’s editor who isn’t too concerned with the facts.



Kathryn: iPhone Telephoto lens
Attach this lens to your iPhone to take high quality zooming photos on the fly. It also works well for taking “creeper” photos of something way in the background without being overt. Share with Brenda!


Andrew: Daily Calender from The Onion
Fake news for your desktop everyday! I think this has much potential to be morphed into story ideas for all those B3 KOMU shifts.


Katie: PageLever Analytics
This analytics program lets you track facebook page views and data…not that you’d be interested in tracking who is looking at your facebook.


Kate: Newshound Bracelet
A commemoration of a job-well-done at the Missourian. Plus, it will look great on-the-job at a Chicago Mag internship (fingers crossed).



Sherman: Agloves
So you can stay in contact with three-word nonsensical text messages no matter how cold. This was funnier when I was still holding your texting gloves hostage in my car.






Amy: Coffee Cup Power Inverter
Plug this fake coffee cup into your car to charge your laptop, phone, iPod, etc while driving. But knowing you, you will use this to curl/straighten your hair on the road. Nothing wrong with that 🙂





Myself: I Heart NPR t-shirt
Because obviously this shirt describes my life. If only it could say “Listen to This American Life” on the back…


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