Who are these 15 percent?

The Nielsen online ratings for the top ten website parent companies for August 2011 says that 85 percent of the IP addresses monitored accessed a Google site during that month. That’s a pretty wide reach.

But who are these 15 percent who don’t use Google ANYTHING for the entire month? No Google maps, search, Gmail, blogger, anything. Not even using Google+ (wait, that’s pretty normal to not use that).

My mom, who despises all technology and can barely use email, still uses a google site at least once a month.

My favorite set of statistics to reverse is the “Most of Us” survey conducted by the MU Wellness Center.

This annual survey asks students about their habits and attitudes toward alcohol, drugs and partying. The survey reports numbers like: 51.1 percent of MU students have chosen to drink less or not at all if they had academic obligations the next day, 77 percent have refused a ride with a drinking driver if they have been in the situation and 85 percent of students would rather spend time with family than party with alcohol.

So this means: 49 percent of MU students drink when they have academic obligations the next day, 23 percent have ridden with a driver who has been drinking and 15 percent of students would rather drink than see their family.

That’s not all that impressive. Granted, “academic obligations” could mean a class at noon, rather than an 8 a.m. test and a “drinking driver” could be a 21-year-old who had one drink. But based on a student population of 30,000, 4,500 MU students value partying more than their families.

Who thinks like this? Well, college students. But maybe these aren’t the numbers to print on T-shirts and display on posters to promote the decisions of MU students.

These don’t necessarily make me proud of how MU students value wellness. These certainly aren’t the statistics I would want to hear as a parent of a student.

The good news? I feel fairly certain that 100 percent of students have used Google in the past month.


One thought on “Who are these 15 percent?

  1. Laura’s mom does not despise all technology, uses e-mail very competently and visits a Google site multiple times a day.

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