Leaving on a jet plane

I leave for Spain in six weeks. Yikes! On Jan. 1, I will get on a plane and leave for a country where I will know two other people.I will land in Madrid and then navigate the metro and railroad systems to find my way to Pamplona. Where I will then stay a few nights in a hostel while finding an apartment to lease for five months. I anticipate I will run into at least a dozen problems with my

And I’m OK with that.

Typically, I like to have a plan. But I’ve adopted a Spanish attitude about this whole, semester abroad. I spent the first two weeks of filling out applications being frustrated at the system. The Universidad de Navarra assigns course numbers to some courses, but not to all. And the course numbers don’t necessarily designate the level of the course. So figuring out appropriate courses to take can be quite difficult. But I’ve decided to forego my frustration and be calm. I know it will work out, and being an uptight American won’t help me while I am there.


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