A quest for housing in Columbia

Like most things among Type-A J-school students, finding housing in Columbia is a huge competition. Especially when you have a list of specifications as long as ours. We want a nice house, within walking distance of campus for four girls. Of course, we want to location to be safe and quiet, but convenient to the J-School and our sorority houses. We want the house to be adequately nice, preferably new or recently renovated, and to have enough bathroom space to accommodate all of us getting ready.  We want a house with nice windows, convenient parking and adequate closet space.

I’m fairly certain this Barbie Dream House we’ve been imagining doesn’t exist.

And if it does exist, there is no way we are going to live there. Good houses are like family recipes. They are passed down from generation to generation, and safeguarded from the rest of the world. When seniors graduate, they pass these treasures houses down. Certain houses will be in the hands of one group of friends for years. It’s an unbreakable dynasty.

It’s possible that I am being slightly dramatic. But I’m a picky girl when it comes to housing. It will take a lot to top where I currently live. (And unfortunately, I will have to move out next school year).

I live in what I believe to be the best location on campus. My sorority house is on a busy corner and I live in th ecorner room. I decide whether or not to wear a jacket everyday by looking at the window and taking a 5-second survey on what I see other people wearing. I don’t own a printer, because I live within 60 seconds of a Mizzou printer. And as I write this, I am looking out my window watching a guy get pulled over for riding a scooter on closed campus.  (Ha!)

I guess my Barbie Dream House does exist, but it’s also safe to say it’s not someplace that will be able to be easily replicated on East/West campus.


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