The clandestine life of a project manager

Over the course of the past eight weeks. I have learned a little about what the semester looks like for the students who are project managers. I’ve gained some insight about how story idea discussions and grading meetings run.

I’ve asked some questions about what role/approach they are supposed to have in the team story process. I’ve questioned about what happens in those elusive Wednesday where story pitches go to die.

But I still largely have no idea.

From the view of a 4804 student, here are my perceptions of the project managers.

1. Project Managers play the bad cop as they are reviewing our story pitches. I have gone into every Friday morning pitch meeting feeling certain that all of our ideas would get rejected. I mostly felt this way, because of project manager skepticism of the idea/amount of research/focus of the story. But, so far. It’s been a good thing. It’s forced me to check all my facts, do more research and think critically about the story to present competently to the faculty come Friday morning.

2. They are constantly on their email. Holy crap. I have never worked with people who consistently respond so quickly to messages.

3. They still check their email after 9 p.m. They will lie to you and tell you they won’t. But honestly, what college student doesn’t check their email before going to bed? And honestly, what college student goes to bed at 9 p.m.?

4. They’re good at leading from behind. By this, I mean they know what the right way to do something is, but they’ll let us come up with 15 wrong solutions and and slowly guide us to the correct one, instead of telling us outright.

5. All the project managers will think I’m a huge ass kisser when this blog post inevitably get’s brought to their attention.


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