Dear Parents, I need an iPhone.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck up brat, I’m going to use this blog as a forum to whine about my needs for more advanced technology.

I’ve never had a smart phone. Not even close. Last summer, I made huge advances in mobile technology when I got a phone with a (dum, dum dum) full keyboard to text! It was exhilarating until I walked out of the store and an 8-year-old had just gotten the same phone. Yeah, a smart phone is a luxury, but increasingly, it’s a necessity, especially for someone who delivers the new via convergent technology.

Here are the reasons why:

1. I can’t get any information on the run. Not emails, tweets, news updates, Facebook drudgery or anything else that might or might not be relevant to my life. While on campus I’m always within arms distance of wireless (well, depending on MizzouWireless’ mood). But most of the real world isn’t like that, I can’t just pop out my laptop and expect to connect to free wifi.

2. I don’t know how smart phones work. One of my tasks at my internship last summer was to design a mobile application. Given that I had barely used an app, I was really excited to learn. Being surrounded by smart phone users, I sort of understand how people use them. But I was totally ill-equipped to design one myself.

3.I could use social media as it’s intended to be used. My Twitter account is an embarrassment to journalism majors everywhere. I’ve tweeted less than 20 times since I started the account in 2008.

4. I could actually produce journalism on the run. Is it video or photos that could be aired on prime time television? No. But videos from smart phones made news during the Arab Spring and continually pop up when they are the only camera available. Karen Mitchell says the best camera you have in the one you have with you. She’s correct, except in the case of the camera on my phone. It’s maybe one megapixel. At best.

5. I’m a convergence journalism major. I’m supposed to be up on the latest technology. I’m supposed to be an ambassador to new media and up-t0-the-minute technology. I’m currently stuck on a phone that would have been outdated in 2003.

Christmas Present?



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