What am I missing?

I don’t have a “circle” of friends yet who actively use Google Plus. I created an account over the summer because Mashable, my friends and my desire to be-in-the-know.

But I haven’t used it much. Approximately once a day a new story will appear in my stream, but it is about .00001 percent of the information is feeding me. (Especially now, that Facebook is giving me updates on my newsfeed, but also in various lists forms and tickers on the side of the screen.)

I just wonder how many social media profiles I (and everybody else) can actually maintain. I’ve only recently started tweeting consistently and established my LinkedIn profile, and I don’t feel ready to take on an additional profile at this time.

The only real advantage I have found from Google Plus is that it is the first thing that pops up when I Google myself. It’s nice for the first hit to be a nice image of me as well as my handcrafted “twitter-format” bio. But if one were to click on it, they would see that I have literally made zero posts from that account.

It will be interesting to see the “role” that Google Plus will play in the social media realm. LinkedIn is for professional communication. Facebook is for sharing videos, photos and articles. Twitter is for sharing your random thoughts that are only relevant or funny for about five minutes. There’s been plenty of hype around the site, but I have yet to see what I’m missing out on yet.


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