In the trenches of the final project

The final project has been going as well as it could be. The residents we have been profiling at the Sol House have been very cooperative. They have been willing to let us shadow them and have been willing to answer all of our questions.

The biggest problem we have encountered is that everyone around these main sources has been difficult. Christina’s boss said that we would not be able to photograph her in her office (her job involves a lot of data entry), because she is worried that confidential addresses will appear in the photos. I asked even if we shot a photo of her looking at her computer screen (with the back of the monitor in the photo), her interacting with co-workers or tight shots of her hands typing, but she said that we cannot shoot any photos inside the office. We can only photograph her walking into the building, at lunch on breaks, etc..

Same goes for Sol House. We are only allowed to photograph or film the people who we are covering. We are only allowed to cover people who we contacted outside of our time at the Sol House. For example, the people we are covering are people that we met and talked to at an event not taking place at the Sol House. The Sol House director cannot give us permission to talk/photograph people. We have to talk to the individuals at Sol House through our own means to be able to talk to them. This is understandable, but it has also made it difficult to get enough interesting B-roll and photos.

We have been working around this, by getting photos/b-roll of the people we have specific permission for and documenting them doing activities other than work.

We have also been decently successful at finding sources around the main residents were are profiling. We discovered that Christina still has a close relationship with her mom and have been able to interview her, as well as photograph the two of them interacting.

Group-wise, we have been working together closely, and equally. We have divided up the people we profile, so that we each are an “expert” on one of the three residents. However, we still attend interviews together, and observe together, so that we all know what is going on.


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