Incorporating the feedback

The hardest part of the project thus far has been staying focused on the most important aspects of our story. Like Karen told us in our story pitch, we either need to focus on Sol House or on youth who are currently homeless, not both. This is a problem that I didn’t really think about when covering the six-week-long story, because the focus in those projects was primarily on how to put together a clean package. Whether or not the story line was interesting, fell second many times to the technical aspects.
That has made this project difficult, because this project is about producing quality journalism. The feedback that I received prior to this project has helped me substantially in being a better journalist. When I was out shooting photographs last week, I was a) able to set my ISO to an appropriate level and b) got a lot closer to my subjects than I did on the initial photo assignment.
We are going to shoot some video for our project today, and as I am shooting the video and editing it together. I will be very mindful of how I am editing motion together, so as not to have motion sweeping across the screen in one direction and then the next frame the motion is going the opposite direction.
The biggest success of this project though is that haven’t yet forgotten to bring the appropriate batteries/tape/card when I go to check out equipment. When I was covering the Special Olympics team, that happened almost every time.

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