Getting the news I want

I love Google Reader.

I can get stories from the Missourian, Tribune as well as stories from my hometown newspaper and any other publication I wish to “subscribe” to all in one place.

The only problem is that the number of publications I wish to follow generate an unmanageable number of stories for me to possibly read. Of course, I don’t want to read every story that is printed in these papers, but I want to get the stories that interest me.

I recently went out of town for a week, and when I came back, I had nearly 1,000 unread stories in my Google Reader, just from the four newspapers and two blogs that I follow. Talk about overwhelming.

Consequently, I didn’t read any of it, because I had no idea how to find the stories that interested me most, and were still relevant even though they were a year old.

I would love it if Google Reader were to add a filter option–a way to sort stories by topic. I only care about high school sports at my own high school. I want a way to filter out all stories that are not about Shawnee Mission Northwest.

In addition, Google Reader could do somewhat was Newsy does and group stories by topic rather than by publication. I would much rather see what the Tribune, Missourian and Kansas City Star were all saying about a topic, rather than the stories being segregated by publication.

It would be really cool if Google was then able to employ journalists to analyze these print stories from multiple sources, rather than solely aggregating them. Think the print version of Newsy.

I like it.


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