TV Package Reflection

This project was both the most challenging and easiest we have done all semester.

Final Cut is very simple and intuitive to use. After having done the 30-second video, I felt like a pro using all the tools in the program. However, putting together a TV package story has been the most challenging in terms of all the guidelines and standards.

I found that jump cuts were all-to-easy to include when first editing something together. Fortunately, I caught and fixed all of the jump cuts in the editing stage and none made it into the final story.

I had a lot of problems with sequencing. What I really need to work on for my next video is sequencing the motion together in a way so the shots create one fluid motion. A lot of my video included shots where the ball was going one way and then the next shot had a different ball going in another direction.

I also need to spend more time making sure that my interviews are framed properly and in focus. Both of my interviews were shot from too low. In addition, there are bright fluorescent lights in the background causing the interviewees to be too dark.


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