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This video about search and rescue missions in Japan gives insight to the hope (or lack thereof) that Japanese citizens still have for finding their loved ones.

The journalist putting this piece together, isn’t in a war zone, but might as well be. The ground is covered in debris, surely making it hard to shoot anything on a tripod. There is a smudge on the upper left corner of the lens in some of the shots, surely from the mud and grime that covers the ground.

In addition, all the interviews have to be subtitled, because the sources are speaking Japanese. Because of this, the reporter has to show the source talking throughout the entire soundbite; she cannot lay B-roll over the interview.

This creates a few awkward transitions in the first interview (around the 00:30 time-frame). The screen fades to black in between interview pieces, instead of cutting away to B-roll.

However, the video is very well-done. The somber voice over accurately sets the mood for the video. In addition, clips are shown for about 8 seconds. This slightly longer time frame helps to not sensationalize the events.



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