Anticipating the action

Video had been the most challenging thing we have done in the class so far. What I find most challenging is anticipating an action shot.

When I went to shoot my event last week, Special Olympics basketball practice, I found that they were having a tournament. This presented several opportunities as well as challenges. During practices, the athletes do lots of drills that involve repetitive movements. During a game, the pace was much quicker and much harder to anticipate where the ball would go. This made it very difficult to get detail shots and to frame the shots that were farther away.

I have found that videography is much harder than photography. Not only does one have to capture a good moment, they need to capture up to 10 seconds of that moment for the viewer to be able to understand what is happening. Both Lynda  Kraxberger and the readings noted that the majority of the shots one includes in a story must be tight shots. I found this to be very true.

The first time I went out to shoot, I could barely set up my shot to get any action in the frame, much less any action in a tight frame.


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