Third Time’s a Charm

I just got my first point and shoot camera for Christmas. As the daughter of a photographer, one would think that I would have learned something about photography growing up. False. Instead, I merely learned to tell my tripod-toting father where and when he needed to be at events to take photos. (And the surprising part is, he never complained. In fact, he loved it! He would frequently go to soccer games or cross country meets just to take photos, even if none of my siblings or I were participating).

My number one goal for this project, is to incorporate the rule of thirds into my photographs. It seems challenging to me, because I wonder about how to effectively place subjects in the “intersection points” without having really boring dead space all around it. I understand why this looks more complex and appealing to the eye, and I hope to effectively execute it.

Also, I noticed that a lot of the example detail shots all included some type of repetition in the photos: the row of eggs, the tongs on the pitchfork, the gears on the bike. The repetition is what makes those detail shots really pop.

I’m thankful that I can miss 26 shots, and have an excuse for each one. Let’s hope I don’t need anymore excuses than that.


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