Jack of All Trades, Master of One

While the headline’s of Stone and Steven’s columns appear to put them at odds. They are saying the same thing.

Both acknowledge that convergence is inevitable and ultimately a good thing for the industry. And they both state that the biggest obstacle to converged news rooms will be the lack of support (read, funding) from management and parents companies to train reporters.

Stone expresses concerns that multimedia journalists aren’t able to produce journalism at the quality level as someone who specialized in that certain area. Well, of course not. Specialized journalists will always have the edge in their particular field.

But what Stevens recognizes that Stone fails to realize is that is is possible to be converged as well as specialized. Broadcast people can learn to write design for print. Newspaper people can learn to operate video cameras. Think, Jack of all trades, Master of one.

More training and diversification, not less, is what the industry needs.


One thought on “Jack of All Trades, Master of One

  1. Interesting synthesis. Points to an interesting question: What percentage of a journalist’s work time should be spent learning new skills — and how might that compare with how their time is actually allocated in professional newsrooms?

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